5 Things to Know Before Getting a Root Canal Treatment

5 Things to Know Before Getting a Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment is a dental procedure that helps in treating a damaged tooth. It aids in saving the natural tooth by removing the infected tissue to avoid the further spread of infection. Along with retaining the natural appearance of the tooth, the treatment also helps in maintaining effective chewing and normal biting sensation. 

There are a couple of things you should know before getting a root canal treatment done: 

1. Root Canal Treatment May Cause Slight Discomfort and Pain

To avoid pain during the procedure, local anesthesia is administered before the treatment. In case of further discomfort in the upcoming days, the patient can take over-the-counter pain medications as prescribed. There is no need to panic as the result will be beneficial in mitigating the pain of the infected tooth in the long run. 

2. You Should Know the Details of the Procedure

You should be told by your dentist about how the procedure will be done and how to do the required post-treatment care. You should also be advised to get the pain relievers prescribed before the treatment so that you can use them as directed. Having all the information about it will help you relax before, during, and after the treatment.

3. The tooth will require a dental crown or filling 

After the procedure, the space cleared by the removal of the dental pulp will need to be filled and the tooth capped by a crown to help in enabling chewing. It also helps in guarding the tooth structure against damage. After this procedure, the patient can use their tooth the same way as they used to before the treatment. 

4. You May Need to Do More Than Two Visits

The root canal treatment may need more than two appointments. After the treatment, you will also need to regularly visit the dental surgeon to check on your dental health. Regular checkups will help maintain and even enhance good oral hygiene. The care instructions will be explained to you on each visit that can be carried on until the next visit.

5. Enjoy a Meal Before Treatment Day

The root canal procedure is time-consuming. And you can use the treated tooth to chew only when it gets a filling or a dental crown done. Until then, you can chew in only one side of the mouth. Because of this, you should enjoy a meal before the root canal treatment begins.

Most people are worried about root canal treatment, thinking that it is a complicated procedure. However, it is the most preferred treatment for a damaged tooth to keep the infection from spreading. When you are informed about the treatment by an experienced dental surgeon, they can confidently bring back their smile through this surgery.


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