Tips And Tricks To Ease Dental Fear

Tips And Tricks To Ease Dental Fear

Dental procedures are necessary to maintain good oral health. While some people experience mild anxiety, others become terrified. There are ways to ease the fear of a dental procedure. Listed below are a few ways people have found to cope.

Speak Up About Your Fears

It’s important to share any fears you have with your oral healthcare provider. Often, simply talking about your anxiety or concerns will help you to feel calmer and more comfortable with the treatment you are receiving. Don’t be afraid to communicate your concerns to your dentist. They will do their best to ensure you are comfortable with the procedure before moving forward.

Agree On A Signal

Agree on a signal that you can use when you want the dentist to stop working on your teeth, and you need to take a break. This is a nonverbal cue that can be used during any procedure to help you let the office know if you need to take a break, stop a procedure completely, or need a comfort option such as nitrous oxide or a topical numbing gel. Some common signals include raising a hand to wave “stop” or holding up two fingers in a peace sign to indicate needing a break.

Take A Trusted Person With You

If you’re nervous or having a dental emergency, it can be comforting to have a trusted individual go with you to your appointments. This person can be a spouse, family member, or even a friend. Having someone you trust accompany you to your appointments is beneficial for several reasons:

  • They can sit through your appointment and act as a chaperone.
  • They can help you manage the anxiety that you’re feeling by knowing what to do to help you relax. This person can also act as a distraction for you if something starts to make you feel anxious or nervous.
  • If you are feeling pain, have an emergency, or have any other issue, this person can let the dentist know on your arrival so that the appointment can be adjusted accordingly.

Bring Distractions

Sometimes it’s helpful to bring a book or music player to your appointment to help you stay relaxed and occupied. It’s also a good idea to have someone come with you who can listen and take notes for you. That way, you’ll be less stressed and can concentrate on your treatment.

Consider Sedation Dentistry

If you have dental fear, you may want to consider sedation dentistry for even routine appointments. It can ensure that procedures are more comfortable and that you have little to no memory of the experience afterward. Talk with us about the options available to you at your next appointment.

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