Tips To Ease Dental Fear

Tips To Ease Dental Fear

Dental fear is a common thing. Many people avoid going to the dentist because of fear. However, this fear can take a toll on your oral health. You can prevent this fear by following some simple steps.

Discuss your fear with your dentist

Talk to your dentist about your fears. Dentists are empathetic, and they understand your concerns. They can help you manage them and prevent worse problems. When you tell your dentist your fears, you give them an opportunity to address them and talk about the options you have to manage them.

It is recommended to discuss your fears with your dentist before the procedure occurs. This allows your dentist to prepare beforehand and create a plan that addresses your anxiety or phobia. You do not have to worry about confronting your worries on the day of your appointment.

Agree on a signal

Agree on signals that let your dentist know if you are uncomfortable, e.g., raising your hand or tapping on the table. This way, your dentist can pause the procedure and check on you. This can help you relax and feel safer. Talk to your dentist about how you can communicate clearly during the procedure. It is important to communicate your concerns to your dentist so that you can be completely relaxed during treatment. Many dentists provide headphones, neck pillows, and other amenities to help you feel relaxed and calm during your visit.

Bring a friend or family member for support

Bringing along a trusted friend or family member is highly recommended when going to the dentist. The presence of someone you trust will ease your anxiety and make you feel more relaxed throughout the process. Plus, they can also help out with driving you to and from the dentist’s office.

When finding a dentist near you, be sure to inquire about the dental practice’s policies on bringing someone else along with you. Knowing beforehand who you can bring along to your appointment can help lessen your anxiety about the procedure and allow you to focus on other things while you’re at the dental office.

Bring a distraction to occupy your mind during procedures

You might feel nervous before and during your dental procedures due to the anxiety you experience when having to stay in the dental chair for a long time and being unable to see what’s happening in your mouth. The negative feelings might stick around even after you leave the dental office. You can overcome this anxiety and fear by finding ways to distract yourself during your dental treatments. Ask your dentist to provide a radio or media player for you to listen to while receiving treatment. You could also bring a magazine or book to read during your visit. 

Consider sedation dentistry

If you’re still feeling anxious after following these tips for easing dental fear, consult your dentist to see if he or she can recommend a good relaxation aid for you. Sedation dentistry may be the best option for you if you experience severe discomfort during dental procedures. Your dentist will give you a pill to take before the procedure to help you feel calm and relaxed during the treatment. For extensive treatments such as root canals, your dentist may even prescribe a full IV to alleviate any pain or stress you may experience during treatment. You can discuss these sedation options with your dentist ahead of time to see if you’re a good candidate for it.

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