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Why You Should Wear Your Night Guard

Why You Should Wear Your Night Guard

Posted by Roshan Emam on Mar 31 2022, 11:10 AM

If you're having difficulties sleeping at night, it could be because of your teeth! Jaw strain creates more difficulties than you may be aware of. And taking the necessary actions like using a mouthguard can alleviate the stress and health concerns that were related to your mouth!

During your sleep, you may have dreams that make you anxious, leading to teeth grinding. Nightguards can help protect your teeth. So let us take a look at the main advantages that wearing a nightguard may provide you:

Protects Teeth From Damage

A night guard prevents your top and bottom teeth from making contact while you sleep. Teeth grinding is prevalent and creates a plethora of issues with your teeth. You would be completely unaware that you are grinding your teeth when sleeping. 

So, unless you utilize a nightguard, you may not have much command over it. Teeth enamel is lost as a result of grinding which can lead to tooth sensitivity.

Jaw Tension and Pain Are Reduced

Another thing we do uncontrollably in our sleep is clench our jaw. The temporomandibular joint, or TMJ, is the jaw joint that is strained. Temporomandibular joint dysfunction, or TMD, occurs when your jaw joint is not properly positioned.

Wearing a dental sleep guard improves both jaw stress and TMD discomfort. The dental guard is custom-made for your teeth. Thus, it fits into your mouth perfectly.

Headaches Are Avoided

If you've been waking up with headaches, you may have been grinding your teeth and clenching your jaw shut while sleeping. Excessive teeth grinding and clenching can result in muscular fatigue, jaw aches, earaches, and even neck problems. However, wearing a nightguard that is custom-made for your mouth can help prevent these problems. 

Corrective Action

Nightguards can also be constructed to help align your teeth and correct an overbite or underbite to alleviate jaw strain.

Allows for Healthy Sleep Patterns

Sleeping with your teeth clenched and your jaw clenched is a harmful habit. And if you practice these routines, it's reasonable to assume you're doing it unconsciously every night.

Because night guards ease pain, they also aid in the development of good sleep habits. Your custom-made sleep guard will exactly fit into your mouth, aligning the jaw into a stress-relieving position.

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