Information for New Patients

                                                                                  Dr. Emam spends time talking to every patient about their dental history and concerns.

Step1: Initial visit

Here's what you can expect on your initial visit with Dr. Emam:
  • Private interview in Dr. Emam's office to go over your past dental history, present concerns, and oral health goals.
  • A comprehensive clinical exam, tooth by tooth; a "tour" of your mouth! We check the condition of every tooth and any past dental work. We look at the health of gums and check how well your teeth fit together.
  • If necessary, we update your record with new X-Rays. We also take photos and other records (eg. teeth models) as necessary.
  • We "co-discovery" dental issues, i.e. discuss what's going on in your mouth. Most patients find this part eye-opening.

Dr. Emam creates a "master plan" for every patient!

Step2: Initial cleaning & patient care plan

  • Dr. Emam will privately review findings from the initial exam with you.
  • Together, we will create a master plan for your oral health. We call this "co-diagnosis:" we look at your exam findings and discuss the options for your oral health. We diagnose and decide together. Every patient receives a customized plan to improve the health of their mouth. 
  • We do a customized cleaning of your teeth
  • We evaluate how you brush and floss (there's always room for improvement!) 
  • We give home care instructions & provide sample supplies based on your needs. 

Dr. Emam loves her patients!

Step3: Start dental care plan

  • We get to work on your brand new dental health plan. You are in charge of deciding how you want to pursue your oral health goals.
  • We ensure that you are very comfortable with all procedures. Dr. Emam gives pain-free injections (really!) and you can relax and listen to music or watch a movie from our large selection during your visit.


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