5 Tips From A Family Dentist to Stop Habits That Harm Your Teeth

Do you take good care of your oral health? Oral health not only involves brushing the teeth twice a day and visiting the dentist for routine consultations. One of the most crucial ways to do this is by ensuring that your teeth are protected from external factors, such as damage, wear, cavities, and, most importantly, unhealthy oral habits.

Do Not Clench Your Jaw

Clenching the jaw, either consciously or subconsciously, can lead to oral conditions such as TMJ disorder and excessive tooth wear. TMJ disorder is an oral condition that involves the tissues around the Temporomandibular Joint experiencing extreme stress due to frequent jaw clenching. It has to be addressed at the earliest to prevent damage to the teeth. After we diagnose you, we may suggest treatment such as massage therapy, bruxism guard, and other oral appliances to protect your teeth.

Do Not Brush Too Vigorously

Brushing too harshly can erode the essential minerals from the teeth and make them more susceptible to damage. Also, the nerve endings in the teeth may be exposed, leading to hypersensitivity whenever you eat hot or cold foods. More importantly, brushing too harshly or for longer durations can irritate the gums and make them recede below the ideal gum line, thereby exposing the root surfaces.

Avoid Biting Hard Objects

Many individuals have the habit of biting pen caps or other random objects that can damage their teeth. It is best to limit the consumption of hard and sticky foods, such as nuts, bony meat, hard candies, etc., to prevent damage to the teeth. Also, tearing open plastic bags or opening bottle caps with the teeth should be avoided, as they can cause chipping or even tooth fracture.

Avoid Frequent Snacking

The more frequent you snack, the higher are the chances of you developing cavities. Tooth decay is caused by the microbes present on the teeth surfaces, which predominantly feed on the food residues left in the mouth. Frequent snacking directly promotes their growth, which in turn increases tartar deposits and cavities. It is best to stick to a 3-meal plan every day and gargle your mouth with water after every meal.

Stay Away from Aerated Beverages

Soda and other aerated beverages contain acidic substances that can erode the enamel. This process is called demineralization, where the essential minerals in the teeth erode gradually and make the teeth weaker and susceptible to damage. Even if you consume such beverages, it is best to have them through a straw, as it keeps them from coming in contact with the teeth. Also, please rinse the mouth with water to wash away the residues on the teeth.


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