What Does PPE per CDC Guidance Involve for Roshan Emam DDS?

PPE per CDC guidance is primarily used to protect patients and dental care professionals from developing an infection. PPE is Personal Protective Equipment and ensures the safety of individuals from possible pathogens that could be around.

PPE per CDC Guidance

According to the guidelines of the CDC, dental care professionals need to complete donning the PPE before meeting the patient in person. PPE creates a physical barrier between the patient and the dentist, thereby preventing the transmission of microbes from one another. Also, the contamination of inert surfaces around the dental office can be reduced to a minimum using PPE.

Once done with the treatment, the guidelines require the dentist to remove and dispose of the PPE safely. This is done to keep any possible microbes on the PPE from entering our systems. Respirators have to be removed outside the treatment root. Once the equipment is entirely removed, dentists have to sanitize their hands thoroughly.

Donning a PPE Kit

The PPE kit consists of a gown, respirators, eye protection gear, or face masks. Initially, the dentist puts on the gown before the respirators or the face mask. Next, the eye gear and gloves are put on. Once worn, the inner surface of the PPE kit would be the safe and uncontaminated side. The outer surface would be subjected to various factors, such as microbes, work surfaces, patient's body sites, etc.

While removing the PPE kit, guidelines suggest that the gloves have to be taken off first. This will be followed by removing the protective face shield or the eyewear. The gown covering the entire body has to be removed next, and the respirator is taken off at the end. All of this must be taken care of within the treatment room - preferably near the doorway and disposed of carefully. The respirator is an exception, as it can only be taken off after the dentist has left the room. After exiting, hand hygiene is of prime importance. We will sanitize our hands thoroughly using either a hand wash or an alcohol-based sanitizer.

Standard medical and dental procedures consider body fluids to be possibly infectious. The use of PPE per CDC guidance is necessary to prevent the transmission of pathogens on either side.


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