What Should I Do If I Chip My Tooth

Adults and children alike are susceptible to tooth injuries. In a chipped tooth, the damage is usually due to various reasons like accidental trauma to the mouth, sports injury, falling, or an automobile accident. But a tooth can also chip due to everyday wear and tear, an existing cavity, or natural aging of the teeth. At Roshan Emam DDS in Palo Alto, CA, we will provide immediate corrective measures to help prevent further damage to your chipped tooth.

What to Do For a Chipped Tooth?

If you suffer a chipped, fractured, or broken tooth, it is vital to visit your dentist at the earliest. If you delay the treatment, your tooth could become even more damaged. It may even develop infections causing severe health risks and potential tooth loss.

How Can You Fix Your Chipped Tooth at Home?

Till you can see a dentist, you can take the following self-care measures:

  • Take painkillers to reduce your toothache caused due to chipped teeth.
  • Rinse your mouth with salt water to avert the risk of infection.
  • To protect your tongue and cheek, cover the chipped tooth with wax paraffin or chewing gum.
  • Eat softer foods and do not bite down on the damaged tooth.

How Can a Chipped Tooth Be Fixed at a Dental Office?

Treatment for a chipped or fractured tooth will depend on the severity of the damage. There are various restorative procedures available to repair your chipped or broken tooth.

Bonding or Filling

If you have chipped your tooth, we may be able to repair the damage by applying a tooth-colored composite resin. This relatively simple procedure called dental bonding includes etching the tooth's surface with a special gel or liquid. Next, an adhesive material is applied, followed by the resin. After shaping the resin to match your natural tooth, we will harden the material using laser light.

Dental Veneers

 If a front tooth is chipped, we can restore it by securing a dental veneer. A thin shell of a tooth-colored composite resin material or porcelain veneers is specially designed and custom-made in a lab to match your unique needs. They are then attached to the surface of your existing tooth using special cement.

Dental Crown

If the damage to a tooth is extensive, a dental crown will help strengthen the chipped tooth. The crown will protect the tooth, preserve function and improve aesthetic appearance.

At Roshan Emam DDS in Palo Alto, CA, we will try to treat your chipped tooth immediately, so you do not experience unnecessary discomfort. To schedule an appointment, call (650) 321-0340 right away!


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