Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Wisdom teeth begin to emerge between the age of seventeen and twenty-five. When they do come in, they can cause multiple problems to an individual. Our mouth does not have sufficient space to accommodate the wisdom teeth, and they often become impacted, causing infection and pain. In some cases, they erupt partially, which allows trapped food to breed bacteria. 

Fortunately, these common problems also have a solution. Our practice, Roshan Emam DDS in Palo Alto, CA, offers routine and effective wisdom teeth removal.

What Are the Potential Problems of Wisdom Teeth?

Wisdom teeth could cause several oral problems like:

  • Pain due to the wisdom tooth getting trapped within the jawbone
  • Periodontal disease of the gums
  • Tooth decay of an entrenched partially erupted wisdom tooth
  • Damage to adjacent teeth
  • Cysts that may develop around the wisdom teeth and damage the nerves and jawbone
  • Hard to clean due to their positioning
  • Sinus pain, pressure, and congestion
  • Bite issues and overcrowding of teeth

Why Should Wisdom Teeth Need To Be Extracted?
  • Insufficient Space

Wisdom teeth need to be extracted when there is insufficient space in the mouth and jawbone for them to emerge out. As a result, they may stay hidden beneath the jawbone or the gums. They may erupt only partially, with a tip of the tooth visible above the gums.

  • Misalignment

 If wisdom teeth do not erupt properly, the chances of misaligned teeth increase. Then it may become challenging to clean them. Besides, wisdom teeth have no role in your ability to chew or to benefit from a well-aligned bite.

  • Partially Erupted

Wisdom teeth are difficult to clean when they have emerged partially through the gums. The angle of the teeth may create problems in flossing the gum pockets, or the gum tissue may wrap over part of the tooth. This gum tissue can become a perfect breeding spot for bacteria and lead to decay, abscessed teeth, and gum infection.

  • Overcrowded Teeth

There will be overcrowding in the mouth due to surplus wisdom teeth that may ultimately affect the teeth’s alignment.

What Is the Procedure for Wisdom Teeth Extraction?

A fully-erupted wisdom tooth can be extracted in a simple procedure the same way other teeth are extracted. In case the tooth is only partially or not erupted, the process will be more extensive. Such impacted wisdom teeth extraction will be performed under IV sedation or local anesthesia.

An incision will be made in the gum over the tooth, and a portion of the bone covering the impacted wisdom tooth will be removed to gain access. If necessary, the tooth will be extracted in pieces to reduce your discomfort. 

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