Dental Crowns and Dental Bridges in Palo Alto

Dental Crowns and Dental Bridges in Palo Alto

Dental crowns and bridges are reconstructive appliances, which help extend the life of compromised teeth or allow missing teeth to be replaced naturally. Teeth replaced or restored by dental crowns and bridges will have the feel and appearance of natural teeth than those replaced by a denture. Unlike the removable dentures, these restorations are permanently fixed in position and provide a long-term solution.  

At our office, Roshan Emam Palo Alto, CA, we offer crown and bridge restorations to correct various issues such as filling in the missing gaps, concealing a broken tooth, shielding a tooth after a root canal procedure, or topping a dental implant.

What Are Crowns And Bridges?

Crowns are cap-like restorations made of ceramics or other materials to cover the entire tooth surface. They are usually recommended if you have a severely compromised tooth affected by decay or fractures. On the other hand, dental bridges can help fill up the gaps left by missing teeth. They consist of artificial teeth held together by a metal framework. The neighboring teeth are used as support to keep the appliance in position.

The Procedure for Crown and Bridges

The process of crown placement requires two dental visits. During the first visit, Dr. Emam will comprehensively assess your affected tooth to decide if a crown will correct the impairment. Once that has been determined, the tooth is shaped and filed to make room for the new crown placement. Impressions of the prepared tooth are captured to fabricate your restoration. While you wait for your new crown, we will have you fitted with a temporary restoration. During the subsequent appointment, the new crown will be attached after ensuring its bite and fit. The procedure for receiving a dental bridge is also similar to crowns. The adjacent teeth of a missing tooth are filed so that the bridge anchors on them and it will be bonded to remain firmly in position.

Crowns & Bridges Aftercare

As with other dental restorations, your crowns and bridges can also break or fracture without proper care. Hence it becomes imperative to practice good oral hygiene to ensure the longevity of your crowns and bridge. As part of this routine, brushing twice a day and flossing is necessary to maintain the cleanliness of your prosthetic appliances and keep your gums healthy.

Super floss can be used to clean tight areas around your bridge, especially the space between the pontic and the gums. And do not fail to visit your dentist for your twice-yearly dental check-ups and cleanings.

If you are interested in learning more about our crown and bridges restorations, visit our office,   Roshan Emam D.D.S., at 850 Middlefield Rd. Suite 8, Palo Alto, CA 94301. You can also reach us at (650) 321-0340.


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