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Kid Friendly Dentist in Palo Alto

Kid Friendly Dentist in Palo Alto

A kid-friendly dentist is a professional who has the expertise to deal with young children. Children and teens may experience fear and panic while visiting a dental office, especially if they have had a terrible experience in the past. Young minds can get easily affected by the sounds of drills and tools used during the procedures. 

At Roshan Emam DDS in Palo Alto, CA, we are dedicated to extending a calm, relaxed, and kid-friendly experience for your children. We offer a range of specialized procedures exclusively for kids.

Why Do You Need a Kid-Friendly Dentist?

If your child suffers from extreme fear and anxiety over going to the dentist, a kid-friendly dentist will be an ideal choice. They are specially trained to handle young minds and can put the children immediately at ease. While performing the procedures, they may use distracting tactics to keep your child’s mind occupied with something else. A kid-friendly dentist can quickly assess the child’s psychology and, based on that, plan their treatments.   

What Are Some Benefits of a Kid-Friendly Dentist?

One of the significant benefits of taking your child to a kid-friendly dentist is that your children will show far less fear when coming in for their appointment. The calm and child-friendly ambiance of the dental office, combined with the amazing behavior of their dentist, will make them overcome their dental anxiety. 

If you get your kid in the habit of coming in for regular dental visits once every six months, it will simply become a routine for your child rather than a panic-inducing experience. This means less anxiety for your child and less pressure for you as the parent.

What to Expect During a Kid-Friendly Dental Appointment?

During a regular dental visit, your child’s teeth will be examined and cleaned. Based on their age, X-rays may be taken as part of their preventative care treatment. Dr. Emam will carry out a meticulous examination of the teeth to look for signs of gingivitis and decay, as well as to monitor tooth development. And finally, a fluoride treatment will be applied to the teeth to protect against future decay. 

In case any problems are identified, we will provide the necessary treatment. We endeavor to maintain your child’s teeth in perfect condition and monitor their development well into their teens. 

If your child needs dental treatment, call our office, Roshan Emam DDSDentist in Palo Alto, CA, at (650) 321-0340, and schedule an appointment with our kid-friendly dentist, Dr. Emam.  


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