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Root Canal Treatment in Palo Alto

Root Canal Treatment in Palo Alto

Root canal treatment is a relatively standard remedy to relieve dental pain and save your teeth. It is a savior when it comes to preserving natural teeth. When an infection is detected inside a tooth, a root canal treatment (RCT) is the most effective treatment to save the tooth from extraction. 

Even though modern replacement teeth appear and function similarly to natural teeth, there is nothing better than keeping your original teeth. With root canal treatment in our office, Roshan Emam D.D.S. in Palo Alto, CA, patients can be sure they are making the best decision for their mouth's overall health and functioning in the long run.

What Are Root Canals?

A root canal does not involve the removal of the actual roots of a tooth. Instead, a tooth infected or has been compromised may need to have the inner pulp removed. This inner pulp consists of the nerves and blood supply for the tooth and can become infected if exposed. Root canals are widely used procedures and can be done quickly and comfortably in our office.

When Would a Root Canal Be Needed?

Patients may require root canal treatment for various reasons, including:

  • Infection of the pulp
  • Decayed teeth
  • Fractured or trauma-injured tooth
  • Loss of tooth nerve
  • Red, tender, or swollen gums around a tooth
  • Teeth sensitivity to cold and hot foods
  • Darkened or discolored teeth
  • Chewing pain or pressure when biting down

What Is the Root Canal Procedure?

A root canal treatment could be done in up to three visits for complex cases but only just one appointment for mild conditions.

Before beginning the procedure, Dr. Emam will numb the affected area by using local anesthetics. A dental dam is used to shield the area from contamination of saliva and mouth bacteria.

Once the preparation is done, we will make a small opening on the tooth's surface to create a passage, and the infected pulp is extracted.

When the pulp is removed, the void created will be filled using a biocompatible rubbery material called 'gutta-percha.' This material protects the root from further infection by acting as a shield similar to the pulp.

The filling is sealed in with cement on the surface, finishing off the root canal. If the top of the tooth is severely decayed, we will most likely recommend placing a dental crown for further protection against fractures and cavities.

If you think you might need to have a root canal done, call our office, Roshan Emam D.D.S.Dentist in Palo Alto, CA, at (650) 321-0340, and schedule an appointment with Dr. Emam.  


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