Teeth in a Day

Your Teeth in a Day Solution in Palo Alto

Tooth loss causes risks to your oral and general health. The Straumann dental implants system in Palo Alto can replace your missing teeth.

Your treatment uses the Pro Arch procedure with Straumann dental implants for tooth replacement in Palo Alto. The Pro Arch treatment replaces all of your missing teeth in either jaw most often in a one-day appointment

Our tooth implant treatment is an affordable teeth in a day process. The affordable Pro Arch procedure fully restores your missing teeth and your appearance using a fast and cost-effective system.

Contact our dental office in Palo Alto about the affordable Pro Arch treatment for tooth loss. Schedule your initial oral examination and discover how to restore your teeth in a day.


What is Tooth Replacement with Pro Arch?

The Pro Arch procedure is a scientifically proven approach for providing you effective tooth replacement results. The Pro Arch process places dental implants at four specific locations in your jaw to replace all of your upper and/or lower teeth.

Dental implants securely restore your ability to chew and your appearance with a full arch of new teeth. One appointment is most often all that is required to complete your treatment following your initial oral examination, treatment planning, and a discussion of your goals.

Why the Pro Arch Procedure with Straumann Implants is a Good Choice for Tooth Replacement?

Tooth loss causes problems for your oral health. The Pro Arch procedure is an alternative for tooth replacement with traditional implants, dentures, or a dental bridge.

The Pro Arch procedure places dental implants in four strategic locations in your jawbone. The implants are a secure replacement for your missing teeth in a full arch of your upper or lower jaw. 


Your tooth function is fully restored

A new tooth root is created with each dental implant. Implants secure your new teeth into your jawbone.

Your alternative to dentures

Wearing dentures can erode your gums and your bone tissue. Your jawbone holds the dental implants in place to provide healthy support for your new teeth.

Your solution for long-term tooth replacement

Dental implants provide stability as a tooth replacement. The Pro Arch procedure is fast and cost-effective.

Save time and experience a comfortable procedure

Sedation is available during your implant placement. Your initial oral examination will provide you complete details about your teeth in a day treatment.


Schedule Your Consultation

Contact our dental office in Palo Alto about missing teeth replacement in a day. Schedule your oral examination to receive more information and to begin your tooth replacement procedure using Straumann dental implants and the Pro Arch system.

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