Benefits of Implants Pro Arch

Your Benefits from the Pro Arch Procedure Using Dental Implants

Delaying tooth replacement following tooth loss can cause problems for your oral health including bone loss, pain, and infection. Dental implants are securely placed into your jawbone to restore your health, your ability to chew, and your smile appearance.


The Advantages of Replacing Your Missing Teeth with Dental Implants


Teeth replacement security

Your implants will not move, slip, or fall out due to being secured into your jawbone.

Strong bite

Implants restore your ability to bite and chew.           

Renewed appearance

Your smile and facial characteristics are impacted by tooth loss. Tooth replacement with dental implants restores support to your lips and your confidence to smile.

Healthy tissue

Tooth loss can damage your gum and bone tissue. Your tissue health is supported by dental implant treatment.



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